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Эта настройка позволяет добавлять в твиты информацию о местоположении, например название города и точные координаты, на веб-сайте и в сторонних приложениях. Вы можете удалить сведения о местоположении из своих твитов в любое время. Подробнее

Beavers, along with pocket gophers and kangaroo rats , are castorimorph rodents, a suborder of rodents mostly restricted to North America. Although just two closely related species exist today, beavers have a long fossil history in the Northern Hemisphere beginning in the Eocene , and many species of giant beaver existed until quite recently, such as Trogontherium in Europe, and Castoroides in North America.

The Juiced Hook will swipe three adjacent spaces in the front row, selectable by The Wimp and not restricted to his position, unlike other "swipe" attacks. The Juiced Clap gives The Wimp a ranged attack of sorts, sending a shock-wave down an entire column that will even get past blocking units. However, these attacks can only be performed from the front row. Both these attacks also do 50% armor piercing and have high critical bonuses against Soldier units.

Grind Attack - Restricted Area EPGrind Attack - Restricted Area EPGrind Attack - Restricted Area EPGrind Attack - Restricted Area EP